We are the association of employees of the Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries.

After Alstom sold a big part of the power plant business to General Electric, we renamed our association to Power Employees’ Association with the objective of pooling the interests of employees. Our members are employees of several companies of the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries. Our aim is to concentrate the interests of our members, on the one hand in regard to management, and on the other hand in regard to the policy sphere. With over 400 members, we are a recognised consultation and negotiation partner.

We are

  • an important carrier of the agreement in the mechanical and electrical engineering industries (GAV)
  • a strong social partner and an open-minded conversation partner in all matters
  • politically and religiously neutral
  • member of the umbrella association Angestellte Schweiz angestellte.ch

We want to

  • actively shape the staff policy
  • represent the interests of the employees
  • always keep the number of our members at a high level
  • promote dialogue and mutual trust both internally and externally
  • have simple and lean association structures in order to act efficiently and cost-effectively

We do this by

  • providing information objectively and competently
  • advising the members on individual questions
  • remaining in constant contact with our members, our umbrella organisation Angestellte Schweiz
  • promoting the continuing education of our members
  • motivating the members to work in the staff council
  • resolving conflicts objectively and in a manner characterised by partnership