Health in the workplace is not a contradiction!

Principles of ergonomics – a short summary

  • Eye level
    At the level of the top of screen
  • Height of seat
    Thigh sloping slightly downwards
  • Elbow height
    At the level of the keyboard with your shoulders relaxed
  • Lighting conditions
    No direct glare, screen surface perpendicular to the window.
    No window in front of or behind the screen.
  • Sitting posture
    Screen and keyboard directly in front of the employee.
  • Fatigue
    Change from sitting, walking and standing work. (E.g. use the telephone while standing, . Instead of using “Lotus Notes”, briefly visit your colleague at his workplace.)
  • Eyestrain
  • Regularly look into the distance to relax your eyes.

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The IfA is available to answer your questions regarding health promotion:

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If you have questions regarding the ergonomics of your workplace, please contact the IfA Institute of Occupational Medicine under 54444 or 55901 for more information.

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