Summary Report AVP GM 4 May 2017

Summary Report AVP (Employee Association Power) General Meeting of 4 May 2017

The chairman greeted the members, honorary members and guests at the AVP General Meeting of 4 May 2017 in the Glassaal of the Trafo Baden.

Right at the start of the GM, the chairman Yves Lampreu (Head Career Center, GE Switzerand) had the opportunity to give a speech of welcome. He was representing Hanspeter Vogel (Senior HR Manager Switzerland) who was indisposed and had to cancel at the last minute. In his speech, Yves Lampreu talked primarily about the activities of the ISB (the internal job placement office) and highlighted how the employees affected by redundancy were helped and that it had a pleasingly high success rate.

In his welcome speech, the chairman showed a GE video and a few slides on GE in Switzerland in order to briefly present GE to the guests. In addition, he addressed the current appearance of confusion in the organisation and took comments and opinions from the audience. The dissatisfaction of many of the members could be clearly felt. A further issue was the situation in the social partnership that is still not resolved. In addition, the chairman referred to the upcoming collective employment contract negotiations – a central point in the social partnership of the Swiss mechanical, electrical and metal engineering industries (MEM).

After the introductory words and the election of the scrutineers, the approved agenda items were dealt with.

The minutes of the 15th GM and the annual report were unanimously approved. Likewise unanimously approved was the annual financial statement presented by Peter Voigt (Treasurer). Stefano Bernero (Auditor) conducted the voting on the annual financial statement and also the granting of discharge to the Board of Directors, which was approved by those eligible to vote.

For the election of the board members, a chairman for the meeting had to be elected. For this, the honorary member Ulrich Breyer was elected. Ulrich Breyer fulfilled this task as a matter of routine.

The following were elected: Andreas Vock as chairman (previous chairman). The following were elected as board members: Peter Voigt, Taner Karakelle, Marcel Rieder (all previous members) and Bruno Marder (new).

The board elected will constitute itself at the first meeting after the GM.

After approval of the annual program for 2018 followed the presentation of the 2018 budget by Peter Voigt. This was unanimously approved.

There were no motions to deal with and thus this was followed by the Any Other Business agenda item.

The chairman had to announce that Eva-Maria Zuber was retiring and thus also leaving the Board of Directors. The chairman gave heartfelt thanks for everything that Eva-Maria had done over all the years for the employee association and presented her with a large bouquet of flowers and a gift.

Finally, the chairman gave notice of a few events and further training courses as well as of the date of the next general meeting: 19 April 2018.

This was followed by an aperitif and dinner.

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