Summary Report AVP GM 19 April 2018

Short report AVP General Meeting of 19 April 2018

The President welcomes the guests, the honorary members and members to the 17th AVP General Assembly in Konnex, K3.

In the welcoming speech, the President first addressed the issue of conflict in the social partnership of the MEM industry. This dispute was resolved and as a result the blocked funds were released and the existence of the workers' organizations was secured. The second topic concerned the collective employment agreement (GAV). The negotiation of the new treaty did not come to fruition until the social partners had resolved the conflict. Since then the negotiations have been ongoing, which is very important for the social partners, to ensure that the expiring agreement can be renewed by June 2018. Christof Burkard (lawyer from AS) emphasized the criticality of the negotiations with a few words. The third topic that the President addressed concerned the wave of layoffs at GE. Above all, he emphasized what the staff representatives and staff at the ISB have done to ensure as many jobs as possible are protected, as well as the highly regarded AVP information events in January and February 2018.

The agenda was approved and the agenda items were treated accordingly. First and foremost, the annual financial statements presented by Peter Voigt were approved. The auditor, Torsten Lüdecke, presented the audit report and approved the vote for the board's dismissal. The assembly agreed unanimously. The two auditors agreed to serve for another two years and were elected unanimously.

The annual Agenda was presented by the President and was unanimously approved by the Assembly.

For the item Budget 2018, a vote was first taken on membership fees for 2018. The proposal of the Management Board to maintain the gross contribution of CHF 290 was approved. Afterwards the cashier, Peter Voigt, presented the 2018 budget in detail, which was also approved by the Assembly.

The agenda items requests were not used because none were received.

After sending the invitations to the General Assembly, two colleagues were interested in joining the board. For an election to take place, the assembly had first to agree that this election could take place, even if it had not been scheduled. The Assembly approved that the election could be conducted. The two candidates Jelena Dabetic and Maria Zupan introduced themselves briefly. The two candidates were unanimously elected to the board.

Unfortunately, the Executive Board also had to take note that one member will leave the Executive Board. Taner Karakelle has decided to resign from the board due to his new responsibilities at GE. Unfortunately, he could not attend the GA. The obligatory gift to leave was then handed over to him in person.

Finally, the President made a reference to the website of the umbrella organization, Employees Switzerland (AS), in which each member of the AVP is automatically a member of AS. There is a lot of important information for members contained on the website.

The President drew attention to the next year's General Assembly, scheduled for April 11, 2019.

At the end of the meeting, the President thanked everybody for coming and cordially invited the participants to the aperitif and dinner.

Andreas Vock (President)

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