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Help us to keep the working conditions and the quality of work good or make them even better in future!

Good reasons to become a member of the employees association Power

  • Because you are kept constantly informed about the labour market and the subject of work.
  • Because continuing education of members is a major priority and you also have better chances on the labour market with better training.
  • Because you can benefit from many attractive benefits.
  • Because it pays for itself (various discounts at health insurance companies and insurance companies as well as other offers).
  • Because there is no comparable association that gives you so much for so little money. The association can offer its services at such a low price because it is organized in a lean manner and works in an efficient and targeted fashion.
  • Because you get free top-quality advice in labour and social insurance law and enjoy extensive legal protection. You never know what might happen!
  • Because employees need strong representation.
  • Because the association represents the interests of employees in a powerful and effective manner in the business and policy spheres – and such interests differ from those of the employer!
  • Because the social partnership should remain alive.
  • Because the association shapes policy for the employees, but is politically independent (not a union!).
  • Because the association goes with the times. It analyses the social, economic and labour market related developments, addresses the resulting problems and seeks solutions.
  • Because more than 400 other employees find that it’s worth it!

Fill in online, print out, sign and send

- either per mail to :
- or per letter post to: Angestelltenvereinigung Power, Maria Zupan, Brown Boveri Strasse 8, 5400 Baden